Frequently asked questions

Evercast is a media collaboration platform which combines video conferencing and high quality live streaming so creative teams can work together on content development in real time from anywhere in the world.
Feedback from project stakeholders is extremely important when it comes to meeting release dates and the overall quality of the final product. Instead of waiting for file reviews or in person feedback, Evercast’s ultra low latency, HD live stream enables creative teams to instantly give feedback and work together.
Evercast can stream anything. Avid, Premiere, Divnici, Pro tools, After effects, live shot cameras...literally anything. This is all accomplished without the need for specialized hardware. Only a computer is required.
New use cases for Evercast keep appearing. Primarily, the platform has been used for:
  • - Remote directors and producers working with editors in real time
  • - Dailies reviews
  • - VFX reviews and approvals
  • - Music and sound production
  • - Sound spotting
  • - Shot camera live streaming
  • - $999 for monthly use (single virtual room) per project. Additional rooms are $299 per month.
  • - $599 for 2 weeks (single virtual room).
We don’t charge for number of people streaming, number of people invited, time or recording storage. You are only paying to rent a virtual meeting room.
Up to 10 people can attend a live Evercast session at one time.
No. You can choose to stream the software’s user interface, or just full screen video.
200-300 milliseconds.
  • - Mac or PC with an Intel i7 4 core CPU and 16GB of memory
  • - Hardwired ethernet connection with 10mbps up/down
  • - Any Mac, PC, or Linux system should work.
  • - Chrome browser
  • - Reliable internet connection with at least 10mbps down (can be less depending on which stream settings are being used)
Yes, if you are air gapped, we will send you a HDMI or SDI to USB 3 capture device so you can easily stream from a laptop.
Yes, Evercast has been approved by all major studios.
Yes, Evercast enables you to draw, point, circle, and type on the screen for everyone in the virtual room to see.