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How Cloud Collaboration in Media Creation Has Evolved and What’s in Store

Mark Turner

President, Entertainment Technologists, Inc.

Mark Turner is President, Entertainment Technologists Inc, a consulting, and investment collective helping companies navigate the changes ahead.  Mark also runs the Production Technology program for Movielabs and helped create the 2030 Vision for the future of content creation with the major Hollywood studios.  In Mark’s 25 years in the global media industry, he has always been at the intersection of technology and business models.  Mark has held roles from product management to sales, strategy, business development, and partnerships for start-ups to multi-billion corporates including Ryff Inc, Technicolor,  Levels Beyond, RSTOR, Dolby Laboratories, Microsoft, BT Media & Broadcast, and Eutelsat.

Jon Walkenhorst

Chief Technology Officer - Evercast

Jon Walkenhorst is the Chief Technology Officer at Evercast, where he works to build solutions that anticipate market shifts and identify business opportunities that help build enterprise value. Jon is a master craftsman, builder, educator, integrator, and advisory delivery partner. His experience spans product innovation, CPE, video delivery, cloud transformation, global IT, and Telco NFV/SDN.

MovieLabs - The Future of Media Creation in 2030

Los Angeles, August 20, 2019 – Motion Pictures Laboratories, Inc. (MovieLabs), together with member studios, has published a new white paper presenting an industry vision for the future of media creation in 2030. The paper, jointly authored by MovieLabs and technology leadership teams from Hollywood studios, paints a bold picture of future technology and discusses the need for the industry to work together now on innovative new software, hardware and production workflows to support and enable new ways to create content over the next ten years.