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Evercast integrates with Box for greater efficiency and flexibility in real-time collaboration on content creation

Scottsdale, AZ — May 14, 2024 — Evercast, the premier provider of real-time collaboration solutions for media professionals, has integrated with Box, the leading Content Cloud. The integration empowers users to conveniently stream media files from Box directly into Evercast virtual rooms, making their go-to files more accessible, and further facilitating seamless, secure real-time review and collaboration.

As remote work has grown exponentially in media and entertainment, Evercast has been at the forefront of addressing the challenges of efficient, real-time collaboration. The platform offers video conferencing combined with high-resolution, high-frame-rate, color-accurate streaming, enabling professionals to work together in real-time, regardless of their physical location. Evercast has been adopted by major film studios, streaming services, game developers, and creative agencies—for pre-production, production, and post-production.

Leveraging the power of both Box and Evercast, users can access video files stored in Box directly within their Evercast rooms, eliminating the need for cumbersome file sharing, and cutting latency in half compared to screen sharing. They can also share playback controls among participants, so anyone in the room (with permission) can pause, play, or scrub while reviewing .mp4 files natively inside Evercast.

"Evercast’s integration with Box is a pivotal point for new collaborative workflows within the production pipeline," said Tommy Snyder, VP of Product at Evercast. "With Box video files at their fingertips, Evercast users can review content with low latency and high quality, while leveraging shared playback controls and other helpful features—all with the security that our customers and Box customers have grown to trust. This integration underscores our commitment to adapting Evercast to the way our users work—not the other way around—facilitating access to go-to tools and building intuitive features that make collaboration efficient, productive, and secure.”

"Now more than ever, organizations are seeking solutions that allow them to move fast and remain on the cutting edge," said Jade McQueen, Vice President and Managing Director, Media & Entertainment at Box. "The media and entertainment industry requires rigorous security and the utmost quality when it comes to collaboration tools, and we're excited to provide Evercast users with the ability to securely stream their Box media files in high resolution and low latency for content collaboration."

About Evercast

Evercast is the first cloud-based, real-time collaboration tool made for creative professionals, enabling teams to collaborate efficiently, regardless of their physical location. The platform offers the unique ability to video conference while securely streaming, with unparalleled quality (4K, 60fps, 7.1 surround, 10-bit color) and ultra-low latency. Trusted by top studios, agencies, and production companies worldwide, Evercast is the go-to solution for real-time creative collaboration. For more information, visit www.evercast.com.