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Evercast, Emmy®-winning Collaboration Platform, Unveils Its Most Powerful Technology To Date

Scottsdale, AZ – February 1, 2021 – Evercast, the leading remote collaboration platform for creative professionals, launched its advanced new version today. With a full rebuild from the ground up, the only-software based solution introduces greater flexibility, scalability and innovative new features. Solving a significant problem for creatives around the world, Evercast combines video conferencing with ultra HD live streaming in one web-based platform, allowing creatives to work together in real time, from pre- to post-production.

The new Evercast boasts advanced cloud-based infrastructure enabling superior streaming quality, even on lesser broadband connections or lower speed processors. It also allows users to work in larger teams, with up to 20 participants in a session (up from 10 previously). The intuitive new user interface presents a more collaborative setting with additional features such as audio mixers for each participant. As a result of the rebuild, Evercast is primed for significant upcoming releases, including their Apple TV app, iOS app, and a sophisticated management system for facilities and enterprise users.

To mirror the technological advances, Evercast also tapped world-class branding company Moving Brands to redesign its visual identity and elevate its messaging.

The relaunch follows 1,400% growth in revenue for the company over a ten-month span, during which Evercast received thousands of new users and hundreds of short-form and long-form projects. With an influx of creatives working on the platform every day, the company was able to gather the data and analytics it needed to build more stable and intuitive technology.

“The momentum from the exponential growth that Evercast experienced in the last ten months gave us the opportunity to transform the platform as we move forward to meet current and future needs,” said Alex Cyrell, CEO and Co-Founder of Evercast. “We recognize the deep impact that COVID-19 has had on our industry. But there is now recognition and acceptance that working remotely has transcendent value, representing a shift that will have a lasting impact. We committed to this change with a full rebuild of our technology and a new brand image highlighting our broader mission to empower the creative community. Evercast is now positioned for even greater growth, with expansion into adjacent markets such as gaming, animation and advertising.”

Relied upon in the production of hundreds of major films and nationally televised programs, including “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” “The Queen’s Gambit,” “News of the World,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Evercast is the first virtual workflow resource built specifically for media creators, enabling creative teams to optimize their workflow and increase productivity.

Evercast has been playing a significant role in assisting the media and entertainment industry through the pandemic. As regulations keep many in the industry out of the office, it has been proven that working remotely can maximize resources and facilitate better work-life balance. Tools like Evercast can open the door for creatives to work from anywhere that inspires them.

In October 2020, The Television Academy presented Evercast with an Engineering Emmy Award, recognizing it as a “Remote Collaboration Platform Improving Real-Time Creative Workflow for Virtual Television Production.”

Pricing and Availability

The new Evercast is now available at www.evercast.us, with competitive new pricing to make the platform accessible to a wider range of creatives in different industries.

About Evercast

Evercast is the first cloud-based remote collaboration platform built for creatives by creatives. The platform offers the unique ability to video conference and simultaneously live stream any creative tool or workflow in HD with ultra-low latency (150ms on average) and full spectrum audio. This creates a digital experience that reimagines how media professionals, production teams, developers and artists come together to create. Without the need for specialized, costly hardware, file sharing – or the strain of time, travel and other resources – creatives can collaborate in real time from anywhere that inspires them, as if they were shoulder-to-shoulder in the same room. Rigorously tested and approved by all the major Hollywood studios, OTT video content providers and top creative agencies, Evercast is the preferred choice of world-class creatives. For more information, visit https://www.evercast.us/.