Evercast Co-Founder Roger Barton Shares Industry Outlook with Post Magazine

Jessica Cyrell

Jessica Cyrell

Jessica Cyrell is the head of communications at Evercast. As a writer, linguist, and world traveler, Jessica is a strong believer in the power of connecting through creative expression.

Roger Barton, Co-founder and CCO of Evercast, knows a thing or two about trends in the film industry. As a veteran film editor, Roger has spent close to 30 years in the field and understands first-hand the challenges of a career in post-production. While film editing has always called for long days in the editing suite and hours spent commuting and traveling the globe, 2020 was the year that everything changed. But where does that leave us now?

"Many technologies not only exist but have also been widely deployed and proven to work during the pandemic, to the benefit of the studios," Roger acknowledged. "My hope is that our community of creatives will embrace these technologies to their own benefit and have the confidence to demand a new “normal” with greater flexibility and balance – where the commitment to our craft does not come at the expense of time with our family or quality of life."

To read Roger's words on the outlook for post professionals moving into 2021, check out his full piece in the Nov/Dec issue of Post Magazine here.

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