Powered by Evercast: “Women in Film Presents: Make It Work!”

On August 26, 2020, Women in Film debuted its TV special, “Make It Work!” a virtual variety show benefiting the Women In Film’s foundation, Hire Her Back. Hire Her Back supports the outstanding work of women in the entertainment industry, providing grants and resources to those whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the pandemic.

The CW special featured stars Eva Longoria, Alfre Woodard, Kathryn Hahn, Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, and Rita Moreno, among many others.

Producing a star-studded television program in the age of Covid-19 is no small feat, so behind the scenes, producers Monica Levinson, Amy Baer, and Stephanie Allain enlisted Evercast to enable virtual production as well as collaborate during post-production.

“We didn’t film anything in a studio. Everything was virtual,” Levinson shared. “We used Evercast for our monitors, for our directors, our video village.” The directors were able to be virtually present as the talent recorded their performances -- and, as Baer explained, “They composed the shot in a real way, as opposed to saying, ‘Hey, can you film yourself and then send it to us?’”

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When it came to post-production, they needed a way to collaborate “in the editing room” just as they would have pre-pandemic. “I think one of the greatest things about the Evercast platform was the ability to watch each edit collectively in real time as we went through, act by act,” Baer said. “It’s so much better to be able to watch it collectively and give feedback in the moment, as opposed to sending a link and then everyone giving their separate notes. It was really a terrific platform for that, particularly in the editing of it.”

Read more about the genesis of “Women in Film Presents: Make It Work!” on Variety -- and learn about how to support the Hire Her Back fund here. If you’re interested to learn more about how Evercast can be used to stream live from set, check out our use case page here.

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