7 best remote music collaboration software platforms of 2024

Few things are as meaningful as the magic of creating music with your fellow artists. However, putting together a successful remote session can be surprisingly challenging since just a second of delay can easily throw your entire project out of sync. 

Fortunately, several dedicated tools can help you and your collaborators stream effortlessly from one DAW to the next or jam in real time over the internet. These suites allow you to mix audio remotely, though each has its own set of strengths and preferred use cases. 

In this article, we compare and contrast some of the top remote music collaboration software platforms so you can find the perfect pick for your next session. 

What do I need to collaborate on music remotely? 

Requirements for remote streaming may vary from one software platform to another, but these are some of the essential tools every musician should have on hand to collaborate effectively: 

  • DAW: Your digital audio workstation (DAW) serves as the center of your session for recording, producing, and mixing. Some web-based DAWs like BandLab allow you to work over the internet, but their features tend to be limited. A professional studio suite, like Pro Tools, is your best bet, and it’s a good idea to make sure all parties use the same DAW, if possible, to streamline your workflows. 
  • Interface: An interface is your connection between live sound and digital recordings. This tool converts a sound source like a guitar or vocal into a digital signal, transmitting it into your DAW. A high-quality interface can help reduce unnecessary latency and ensure your sound is pristine, even over the internet. 
  • Microphone: Your recordings are only as good as the gear you use to capture them. In most cases, condenser microphones capture studio sound, but you need to factor in a phantom power source to use the mics in your sessions. 
  • Studio headphones: Opt for a top-notch pair of studio headphones during your remote sessions to minimize potential feedback issues. Avoid headphones intended for casual listening, as these headphones often have artificially boosted EQs. Studio headphones provide a flat frequency response, giving you the most accurate representation of your session possible. 

Best tools for remote music production

Here are 7 of the top tools for remote music collaboration. Keep in mind that some of these suites are best suited to be included as part of a workflow, while others work as standalone solutions: 

1. Evercast

If you want to recreate an in-studio experience on a professional level, Evercast is the preferred software solution among audio pros. You can stream between different DAWs seamlessly or quickly transition from one stage of the music production process to another—from writing and composing to recording, mixing, and more. With ultra-low latency, you can collaborate without delay utilizing Evercast’s built-in video conferencing and high-quality video and audio streaming. 

Evercast offers 24/7 white-glove support and studio-grade security, letting you work confidently with clients and collaborators on any level. You don’t need any proprietary hardware, and participants can join the session by simply clicking a button. 

With time-stamped notes and annotation tools, Evercast is a valuable tool for version tracking your progress while making music. Record and monitor up to 7.1 surround sound live from the beginning of an idea to the final master. 

Key features for music collaboration 

  • Works with any DAW or music production suite
  • Ultra-low latency (<150ms globally)
  • 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio streaming
  • Flexible design, perfect for remote performance, recording, mixing, and songwriting sessions
  • Built-in video conferencing and 4K video streaming 
  • Live annotation tools with time-stamped notes and session playback for future use

Best for: Professionals seeking a dependable, all-in-one remote music collaboration solution. Evercast has everything you need, so you don’t have to segment your workflow. 

Pricing: Evercast starts at $849/month for a flexible month-to-month subscription. Music studios committing to a longer contract can start at $549/month. Custom pricing options are available through Enterprise packages. 

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2. Audiomovers LISTENTO

Audiomovers’ LISTENTO suite is a collection of plugins designed to stream uncompressed audio. Open the VST plugin within your DAW of choice to create a session that stream participants can hear with a single click. 

Notably, LISTENTO supports novel audio formats like surround sound and Apple Music’s spatial audio on the top tier. However, it doesn’t provide any built-in video conferencing features, so it’s likely not a standalone collaboration solution for all musicians. 

Key features for music collaboration 

  • 32-bit uncompressed audio 
  • Streams audio directly from your DAW or browser
  • Surround sound support
  • Adjustable latency and bitrate 
  • Streams up to 16 channels of sound 
  • Spatial audio support 

Best for: Audio professionals who need to stream audio exclusively. Audiomovers’ month-to-month system is well-suited for musicians who might not need the remote service for an entire year. 

Pricing: LISTENTO Basic starts at $12.99/month, and LISTENTO Pro costs $24.99/month. 

3. BandLab 

Say you and a friend are just starting your musical journey. In this case, BandLab’s web-based DAW and performance platform may be worth considering. 

BandLab offers a free desktop and mobile experience, allowing you to record live tracks, build beats, and manipulate sounds provided in the platform’s sample library. You can invite other BandLab users to collaborate live in your session and share your creations within the BandLab social network. 

Key features for music collaboration

  • Standalone web and mobile DAW
  • Collaborate with other BandLab users using the “live sessions” feature.
  • Share creations directly to social media or within the BandLab ecosystem. 
  • Use BandLab’s social network to connect with other collaborators. 

Best for: New musicians searching for an easy way to start making music or collaborating with friends without investing in professional software. 

Pricing: BandLab is free to use on both desktop and mobile platforms. BandLab Membership costs $14.95/month or $149.50/year for additional access to presets and other features. 

4. Satellite Sessions

Stream live audio and send it directly to your collaborator to upload in their DAW with Satellite Sessions. This plugin works in most popular DAWs as a plugin that can transmit uncompressed audio over the internet. 

Users can log in to the same session and grab new audio tracks once other participants create them. Note that there are no video conferencing features, so you likely need to pair this plugin with other tools to produce a live remote environment. 

Key features for music collaboration

  • Captures and sends audio within a shared interface 
  • Compatible with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, and Studio One 
  • VST or AU instrument plugin 
  • Automatically syncs to your BPM and sample rate 

Best for: Musicians who don’t mind some back and forth while collaborating. Sending the audio isn’t instantaneous, but it’s quick enough to let you host a live collaboration session between two parties. 

Pricing: You can host Satellite Sessions for $10/month or $99/year within compatible DAWs. 

5. SonoBus 

SonoBus generously offers a free solution for any musician hoping to stream uncompressed audio from their respective DAW. 

Use this tool as a VST or AAX plugin to transmit single or multiple channels of uncompressed audio. Though fairly basic, the SonoBus interface includes optional effects and noise gate tools to prevent feedback while streaming. 

Key features for music collaboration

  • Free, open-source tool 
  • VST-, AU-, and AAX-based plugin 
  • Streams multichannel audio within your DAW
  • Uses 16-, 24-, or 32-bit uncompressed audio 

Best for: Musicians who don’t mind an older user interface and primarily need a quick way to stream audio. Designed for a peer-to-peer experience, this might not be the right choice for larger group sessions. 

Pricing: SonoBus is free and open source but offers the option to donate to the original creator upon download. 

6. JackTrip 

JackTrip makes music its top priority with low latency and uncompressed audio settings. Video conference and collaborate in real time with other musicians, songwriters, and even students. 

You automatically receive audio stems from paid sessions in JackTrip alongside the video recording. Users can configure their microphone, interface, and camera setup within JackTrip’s desktop app. 

Key features for music collaboration

  • Low latency and uncompressed audio
  • Built-in live streaming features 
  • Convenient companion desktop app to configure cameras and microphones
  • Live video conferencing features 
  • Session and audio recording 
  • Affordable pricing for musicians at any stage

Best for: Music teachers, songwriters, and performers who want to prioritize audio and create a group setting remotely. While the audio is crystal clear, the video is somewhat compromised. 

Pricing: Users can enjoy JackTrip for free for up to 5 musicians in 50-minute sessions. The Essential plan costs $10/month for up to 10 musicians, and the Advanced plan costs $30/month for up to 30 musicians. 

7. Koord 

If you’re looking for a turnkey way to practice with your band, Koord is worth considering. Dubbed “Zoom for musicians,” this software suite lets you video conference with several participants with multitrack audio. 

Koord automatically records each session’s audio and video, allowing you to go back and experience your session. While it’s not top-tier in quality, as it throttles video at 1080p and delivers audio as MP3s, it’s an affordable solution for those seeking a practice tool. 

Key features for music collaboration

  • Up to 75 participants per session
  • Separates audio tracks by single mixes and multitracks 
  • 1080p video conferencing 
  • Records and plays back sessions 
  • Delivers audio in MP3s post-session 

Best for: Jam bands and large groups that need basic video conferencing features and audio streaming for performance practice. 

Pricing: The Koord Pro plan starts at $12 monthly for up to 12 users per session. The Ensemble tier is $35/month for up to 75 users per session. 

Which remote music software platform should you use? 

Ultimately, your choice of music collaboration platform depends on your individual needs. While these platforms and others support streaming uncompressed audio, few offer a standalone solution for the complete collaborative experience like Evercast. 

The Evercast suite provides everything you need, including video conferencing, 4K video streaming, HD audio, timestamped notation, and superior support to host top-tier remote sessions. Learn more about Evercast here

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