Ten Filmmaking Podcasts that are Must-Listens for Industry Pros

Jessica Cyrell

Jessica Cyrell

Jessica Cyrell is the head of communications at Evercast. As a writer, linguist, and world traveler, Jessica is a strong believer in the power of connecting through creative expression.

Whether you’re looking for the latest tips and trends of the biz, or you’d like the inside scoop from your peers on the making of that new flick, these podcasts are sure to be right up your alley.

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1. Art of the Cut

“Art of the Cut” is a podcast from ProVideo Coalition by FilmTools, hosted by professional editor Steve Hullfish. Every week, Hullfish interviews the top film and TV editors in the business, dishing secrets from inside the editing bay of the latest hit TV shows and feature films -- while celebrating (or commiserating!) about life as an editor.

Check out “Art of the Cut” on:

2. The Business

Kim Masters, editor-at-large of The Hollywood Reporter and former NPR correspondent, hosts KCRW’s “The Business” podcast, a weekly peek into industry news and interviews with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The star-studded guest list has included Norman Lear, Ava DuVernay, Judd Apatow, and Ice Cube.

Check out “The Business” on:

3. The No Film School Podcast

Love to hear about new tech driving the entertainment industry? This one’s for you. Produced by nofilmschool.com -- a vast, worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives -- The “No Film School Podcast” breaks news on industry technology and tools, like cameras, lighting, and apps. Hosts Charles Hain and George Edelman also interview best-in-class pros in screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and producing -- always imparting knowledge from filmmakers around the globe, “no film school” required.

Check out “The No Film School Podcast” on:

4. Tonebenders

All about the sound? “Tonebenders” is bound to be your jam. Take a deep dive into the trials and tribulations of working in sound editing, field recording, and audio post production -- whether you’re in film/television or gaming. Hosted by a collective of sound design professionals bringing nearly 60 years of combined knowledge and experience, Tonebenders shares thoughts and stories on every facet of sound design: from manipulation to synthesis, from track layouts to secret editing tricks.

Check out “Tonebenders” on:

5. The Allan McKay Podcast

In this popular podcast, award-winning visual effects supervisor and technical director Allan McKay chats with seasoned Hollywood pros in VFX (and beyond) about their careers, complete with the high points, the pitfalls, and stories of their paths to success. 

Check out “The Allan McKay Podcast” on:

6. Scriptnotes

Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin host “Scriptnotes,” a weekly podcast where they talk business, storytelling and the craft of writing, and everything related. If you’re a writer yourself or you’ve always wanted to get inside the mind of a writer, this is the podcast for you. 

Check out “Scriptnotes” on:

7. A24

You probably know A24 for making some of the best independent films of the last decade (Midsommar, Eighth Grade, Lady Bird, and Moonlight just to name a few). But if you haven’t checked out their namesake podcast, it’s definitely worth a listen. They feature some of the biggest names from all areas of the film industry, interviewing them for behind-the-scenes stories, new discoveries, and tricks of the trade.

Check out “A24” on:

8. The Treatment

Also from KCRW comes “The Treatment,” hosted by film critic Elvis Mitchell. Mitchell interviews some of the most influential creatives and creators in Hollywood and is known for his straightforward style, thoughtful questions, and compelling conversations. Some recent guests include Amy Sherman-Palladino, Ron Howard, Wanda Sykes, and Oliver Stone.

Check out “The Treatment” on:

9. Happier in Hollywood

Think there’s no such thing as a life-changing podcast? Think again. Veteran TV writers/producers/showrunners Liz Craft and Sarah Fain host “Happier in Hollywood,” sharing how to stay sane, happy, healthy, and creative in the wild world of filmmaking. They offer solutions to day-to-day industry challenges, like how to embrace downtime, how to thrive as a female in a male-dominated craft, and how to quit a job without burning bridges.

Check out “Happier in Hollywood” on:

10. You Must Remember This

If you work in Hollywood, the odds are you love a good story. Quite different from the interview-style podcast on the biz that you’re used to, Karina Longworth’s “You Must Remember This” is a creative nonfiction podcast dedicated to divulging Old Hollywood’s secret and/or forgotten stories from the last century.

Check out “You Must Remember This” on:

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