Flawless collaboration on Spotify, Liquid Death, and other winning campaigns

The award-winning post house uses Evercast to elevate their client experience, enabling flawless remote collaboration, from editorial and VFX to color and final approval.

“Just being able to offer a remote session makes for a very positive client experience. Instead of the colorist generating stills or making exports and sending them to a client for notes, they can just send a link and say, ‘Hey, want to check out what I'm doing?’ Things get done faster, and time is money.”

- Jacob Mendel, editor

The projects

The workflow

The Flawless team sought a hassle-free solution for remote collaboration, as they had suffered technical challenges while streaming content with other remote tools. Using only Zoom, they experienced echo and sync issues, while other production-specific solutions not only required intricate hardware or complicated setup, but also meant that they had to use Zoom simultaneously in order to communicate. It was cumbersome and fraught with problems. But when a client requested to use Evercast for the first time, they obliged and were thrilled to discover seamless, in-sync playback—plus the convenience of built-in video conferencing and no hardware required. It became their remote tool of choice.

With use cases primarily within color and editorial, they’ve found Evercast particularly helpful for final quality check (QC) sessions with clients. They stream either directly from Premiere or from media files, where they leverage Evercast’s interactive playback feature to allow clients to pause, play, or scrub as they review together. For color, the team has leveraged the Evercast Apple TV app to grade remotely with clients. Flawless has also begun to host remote VFX sessions using Evercast’s NDI output function. By sharing After Effects compositions live with clients, they evade the endless cycle of rendering large files and awaiting feedback, and in turn, save significant time.

As a bonus, Flawless charges clients an additional fee for remote sessions, which helps them to balance the cost of the Evercast subscription.

“If I’m going over an edit and someone's being nitpicky with notes, Evercast doesn't lag, it's in sync with sound. It’s an accurate, good quality color signal. It's a primo sort of thing that we have to offer our clients.”

-Jacob Mendel

The results

Evercast has proven an invaluable tool for Flawless Post across editorial, color, and VFX workflows. It saves countless time on projects and simultaneously elevates the client experience. Whether the Flawless team is working with clients overseas or across town, Evercast provides both sides the flexibility to work from anywhere, and the ability to stay more closely aligned throughout the course of the project. Rather than booking review sessions in person at spaced intervals, clients can drop into Evercast at their convenience and check on progress as it’s happening, providing an often more intimate collaboration experience. By offering remote sessions for an additional fee, Flawless is also able to offset the costs of their monthly Evercast subscription.

“It's a good look for clients, being able to have a remote session with no technical issues. Before Evercast, we had times where it's a huge client like Beyonce and we're scrambling to connect cables, nothing's working, they’re like, ‘B’s waiting!’ and we're all freaking out. So being able to just send a link where anyone with an iPad or computer can click on it and see a quality signal is great for us and for the client experience.” 

- Jacob Mendel

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