How Q Department and Mach1 teamed up with Evercast to change post production sound

Founded in 2003, the Tribeca-based Q Department is an award-winning studio known for original music and sound design collaborations. It is run by husband and wife team Jacqueline Bošnjak and Dražen Bošnjak who in 2017 made Advertising Age’s Creativity 50 list of the year’s most influential creatives figures. Jacqueline, originally from South Africa, is an entrepreneur and film producer, while Dražen, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina is an entrepreneur, composer, and sound designer. 

Jacqueline Bošnjak

Some of Q Department’s commercial clients include illustrious brands like BMW, Chase, Squarespace, Hennessy, Under Armour, Adidas, HP, and Harley Davidson. This work includes collaborations with A-List directors like Ridley Scott, Joel & Ethan Coen, Derek Cianfrance, Neill Blomkamp, Mark Romanek, and Rupert Sanders.

Natural-born industrialists Jacqueline and Dražen also founded the sound technology company Mach1 in 2015. Mach1 specializes in spatial audio for virtual reality and augmented reality projects and it is platform, format, and codec agnostic. Some of their work includes The Martian VR Experience, Mr. Robot, Alien: Covenant in Utero, The New York Times’ award-winning VR app, and Ford VR at 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

Like many, the Bošnjak’s started using Evercast during the early days of the pandemic, hearing through colleagues that it was a high-quality streaming solution. They had previously used other services but ran into issues with low-quality streams, sync, and latency. Prior to working with Evercast Jacqueline said, “We just couldn’t trust that our clients were seeing sound and picture as intended,” described using Evercast as ”seamless.” 

“Our mix sessions had the most direct translation to Evercast, running a mix over the Evercast stream is almost exactly like running one in person. Sound design and music sessions have been completely revolutionized. All of a sudden instead of sending rounds of Quicktimes back to clients and awaiting written notes that are often challenging to interpret, we can hop on a session for 30 minutes and make adjustments on the fly.”

Even during the quieter parts of the pandemic, with in-person sessions becoming more feasible, Evercast has still stayed a part of their workflow, connecting, and improving upon internal and client collaborations from all over the world.  A tool that they see not only staying a continued staple of how they work but Evercast also “becoming the preeminent streaming application.”

The collaboration between Evercast and the Bošnjak’s is already bearing fruit. Q Department mixed season 2 of Tinder’s interactive smash hit series Swipe Night. The first season had over 20 million users engaged and was originally launched only in the United States, whereas season 2 launched in 25 global markets in November 2021. Q Department also was shortlisted for Best Mix for AICP 2021 for Squarespace’s award-winning “Launch It” campaign–their first project with Evercast.

Sounds like the sky's the limit for what they do next!

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