10 best video review and feedback software [2024 edition]

It’s challenging to track down video review software that can effectively replace the in-person flow, especially with so many options currently available. Finding the right software to keep your entire team in sync is key, especially when working across a remote team.

We took a deep dive into some of the best video review software options so that you can successfully communicate feedback and streamline your collaboration flow. 

In this guide, we’ll compare features, costs, and pros and cons to help you land on the right tool for your review process. 

What makes a good video feedback tool?

Different video review tools offer plenty of bells and whistles, but here are the main factors we think you should consider when picking out software for your team: 

  • Live and/or async feedback: To maximize productivity, prioritize a tool with live feedback features, whether that’s real-time chat, screen sharing, and/or video conferencing, to help recreate the in-studio experience. You want optimal software built around low-latency technology that doesn’t break up your workflow with disruptive lag. If that’s not an option, asynchronous feedback tools can be another way to go here.
  • Software integration: The best video collaboration tools seamlessly integrate with popular production software like Adobe Suite and Avid Media Composer and color grading tools like Nuke and DaVinci Resolve. 
  • Little lag: Having frame-to-frame accuracy is especially important when providing feedback or hosting a remote session. 
  • Sharing tools: Your chosen review tool should have ample sharing tools to present internally and externally across crew members and producers. Reviewers should be able to take in feedback without undergoing an extensive download or sign-up process. 
  • Capacity: If your review software doesn’t allow for direct streaming, it needs to be able to host files in their full resolution to get an accurate view of the current project stage. 

Top 10 video review software options for remote collaboration

Now let’s compare some of the best video content collaboration tools to help you find the perfect solution for your team, starting with Evercast. 

1. Evercast

Remote work and production have certainly shifted the entertainment industry as we know it. Post-production teams often find their work split across multiple software applications and services, which can be challenging to streamline (especially on tight deadlines).

Evercast acts as the bridge between creative colleagues, facilitating a remote workflow that offers as close to an in-person studio experience as possible. 

“As if created by the editing gods, Evercast saved our production on ‘Maya and the Three!’ Our brilliant editor Myra López and I loved collaborating on it so much we might never be in the same room again."
— Jorge Gutiérrez, creator/writer/director of Maya and the Three

Unlike typical video review solutions, Evercast provides all the right tools at your fingertips. With low latency, high resolution, and frame-by-frame accuracy, you’re not just limited to reviewing footage—you're making changes in real time. 

This all-in-one software solution has video conferencing and streaming in one place without requiring any proprietary hardware or complex configuration. Participants simply click a button to hop in on a creative session. 

Evercast provides direct integrations with industry-trusted tools like Blackmagic Design DeckLink, Elgato Stream Deck, and AJA capture devices. You don’t lose pace moving from one stage of post-production to another. 

"We basically maintained the same pace that we would normally get done on a daily basis that I'm used to if the director was sitting right here next to me." 
— Billy Fox, editor

Key features:

  • Video conferencing combined with content streaming in up to 4K resolution, 7.1 surround sound, and 10-bit 4:4:4 color
  • Real-time collaboration features, including on-screen drawing, session recording, and time-stamped notes
  • Ultra-low latency streaming (less than 150 milliseconds) from live cameras on set, screen-sharing software, or any other source
  • 24/7 white glove technical support 
  • Security protocol approved by every major studio; backed by the Motion Picture Association’s Trusted Partner Network 
  • Desktop app, Apple TV app, and iOS mobile apps available
  • No additional hardware required for most use cases; participants can join virtual rooms and stream instantly with a simple click 

What’s missing:

  • Built for live collaboration, you can’t work asynchronously in Evercast by leaving notes for collaborators to see later unless you’re recording a session.


Studio plans start at $549 per month, with flexible pricing on request. Larger teams or studios can explore specialized pricing packages. 

2. Frame.io

Frame.io is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to gather feedback and approvals for on-set dailies, edits, final cuts, and everything in between. Frame.io integrates with popular software like Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer. 

Key features:

  • Text-based feedback platform allows your teammates to create time-stamped notes at any point in a video 
  • Super-fast upload speeds (less than three minutes for 5GB of data)
  • Branded presentation modes and password-protected sharing
  • Integrates with plenty of popular editing tools and provides an API key for tailoring a custom workflow 

What’s missing:

  • No real-time collaboration tools
  • No support for video meetings or live streaming


Frame.io plans are free for up to two users. Paid packages start at $15 per user charged monthly, also called “seats.” Custom packages are available for larger enterprises or studios. 

3. Filestage

This project management platform offers fast feedback on all media types, from first scripts to first cuts. Filestage allows you to annotate frame by frame for video. It also has a built-in organizer, making it easy to view a client’s documentation for commercials or a script when moving from video to text and back again. 

Key features:

  • Built-in project organization with a one-click client approval process
  • Great for hosting multiple file types 
  • Unlimited file storage and version history 
  • Send feedback over email

What’s missing:

  • More of a project management tool than software specifically built for video 
  • No real-time collaboration tools
  • No software integrations


You can start using Filestage for free with limited features. Paid plans start at $59 per month for up to 10 active projects. 

4. Wipster

Wipster's visually focused collaboration platform lets you organize and review projects and segments each stage of the process with tasks. You can upload video, audio, images, and PDFs to the multimedia platform, and reviewers do not have to pay for an account to provide feedback. 

Key features:

  • Comments connect to the review’s click location for precise feedback
  • Mobile-friendly companion app for feedback on the go
  • Easily organize projects by “stages,” with individual tasks for effective project management
  • Link notifications to Slack or email 

What’s missing:

  • Not optimized for large-scale video
  • No creative software integrations
  • Platform requires manual upload of all projects
  • No live collaboration features 


Most plans start at $25 per month, per seat, with HD video playback and 250GB of storage. You can begin using Wipster for free for two people. 

5. Kollaborate

Kollaborate is a cloud-based video review platform that integrates directly with popular software like Adobe and Avid Suite. It also hosts some handy on-set features like the ability to automatically apply LUTs to all dailies or transcribe all video or audio files. 

Key features:

  • Simple commenting and reviewing system
  • Hosts real-time chat for remote work sessions
  • Can host on your server
  • Integrates with editing software for time-stamped notes 
  • Unlimited link recipients for every plan 

What’s missing:

  • User interface is a bit simplistic 
  • Few other capabilities beyond commenting on time-stamped notes 


Basic plans (with 30GB of storage) start at $7 per month. 

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6. ReviewStudio 

This project management platform makes providing feedback on video, audio, and PDFs easy to help you work from the first script to the final cut. ReviewStudio allows you to organize files by project and segment tasks to collaborators to keep your team on track. 

Key features:

  • Mark up videos frame by frame with shapes, comments, and flexible review settings to assign comments to appropriate team members
  • Supports a wide variety of file formats
  • Set feedback as public or private for certain users
  • Real-time chat capabilities
  • Task management dashboard and assignments 

What’s missing:

  • Low storage capacities, not specifically designed for video
  • No built-in video chat or screen-sharing features 


Single-user accounts start at $15 per month. Team accounts start at $25 per month per user, with a minimum requirement of five users. 

7. ScreenLight

ScreenLight is a video review platform with time-stamped comments, fast uploads, and password-protected sharing. The simple interface is great for quickly gathering comments across video and audio assets. 

Key features:

  • Fast video and audio rendering and uploads
  • Time-stamped commenting
  • Optimized for viewing on desktop or mobile devices
  • Password-protected or watermarked sharing features 

What’s missing:

  • Limited interface mainly built for passing back comments, not designed for complex project sequences
  • No real-time collaboration features 


ScreeLight is one of the most affordable video review software options, with unlimited free plans for basic features. Professional plans start at $9 per month per user. 

8. Ziflow

Ziflow is a project management platform with several intuitive features that can be useful for reviewing videos. The collaborative workspace allows you to tie comments to specific frames of video or images and makes it easy to track who has created, viewed, and responded to feedback. 

Key features:

  • Easy to track progress across a team and assign tasks
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Adobe Suite, and other workspaces like Slack 
  • Hosts a wide variety of content types 
  • Digital signatures and private sharing features for added security 

What’s missing:

  • Web-based platform with highly variable upload speeds
  • No live video chat or streaming 


Plans start at $249 per month for up to 15 users. 

9. cineSync

cineSync is a video review and approval tool letting you provide feedback over high-resolution, high-frame-rate video. The platform’s drawing tools make annotating individual frames with drawings and comments easy for precise revisions. You can modify aspect ratio, color, and masking across dailies or assets in a few clicks. 

Key features:

  • High-quality synced playback across multiple devices
  • Companion iOS app for mobile support 
  • Integrates with ftrack Studio 
  • Real-time commenting and chat 

What’s missing:

  • No screen sharing or built-in video chat
  • Requires software download


Basic plans start at $99 per month for two participants. Pro plans start at $319 per month for two participants. 

10. Workfront

Adobe’s video review platform, Workfront, is a desktop project management tool that allows you to assign tasks and track progress across projects. Automate task assignments, set individual goals, and track deliverables across multiple mediums. 

Key features:

  • Automated workflows to assign tasks, follow up, and track progress across team goals
  • Built for large-scale enterprises with multiple teams
  • Provides at-a-glance analytics to track team progress
  • Budget and expense tracking tools 
  • Integrates with Adobe’s native apps 

What’s missing:

  • Not designed specifically for creative teams
  • A wide variety of project management tools might be distracting while trying to source video feedback
  • Requires a learning curve and private consultation to get started 


You can only receive pricing via consultation. Workfront’s clientele seems geared toward medium to large organizations. 

See how Evercast makes creative collaboration easy

Get the feedback you need with the single software solution built for professional collaboration. Learn more about how Evercast can transform your creative process and facilitate the closest thing to an in-studio experience while working remotely. 

Evercast provides ultra-low latency streaming from any source, letting you work concurrently with video conferencing and 4K content streaming. Video chat, high-resolution streaming and audio, and interactive collaboration tools are all in one place. 

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