The 5 best Wipster alternatives for your creative team

Wipster is designed to help your creative team get projects reviewed, approved, and out the door faster than ever before. 

It eliminates cumbersome email chains seeking client and creative approvals and allows project managers to see what stage of the review process each deliverable is in. While it’s great for some creative teams, others may be looking for alternatives that are better suited to their specific needs. 

That’s where we’re here to help. We’ll break down the issues that some creative teams face when working with Wipster and walk you through some alternative software solutions that may be a better fit for your team and workflow. 

Shortcomings of Wipster

As with every program, Source Connect is not without its limitations. These include

  • No workflow streaming for real-time edits: The software is designed to allow for notes and approvals to happen at each collaborator’s convenience. It’s not designed to live collaborate during the editing phases as there is no way to stream editing software through the program.  
  • No collaborative video conferencing built-in: Wipster is not designed to support video conferencing or live discussion. 
  • Requires file uploads for review: For Wipster to work, each asset must be uploaded to the system for review and approval, which can result in long download times and storage challenges.  

These drawbacks won’t matter much to you if you’re just looking for an approval and proofing platform. However, if you’re looking to collaborate live or want more features tailored towards the type of assets you use most (such as documents or graphics), Wipster might not be the perfect fit for you. 

To help with deciding which platform is right for you, we’ve compiled some alternative platforms that offer different unique features that may suit your team’s needs. 

The Best Alternatives to Wipster


Evercast is a remote editing collaboration platform that allows creatives to collaborate in real-time on recording and editing sessions, all while video conferencing and utilizing built-in notation features to make notes and suggest changes. 

Top features:

  • Ultra-low latency streaming
  • Ability to stream editing software workspace with other team members
  • Timestamped note-taking and comments
  • Video conferencing built-in

Use cases:

Evercast is not just a proofing platform; it's designed to replicate the feeling of being in a live editing session with all your co-collaborators. It is best used when you want to make edits as they’re suggested and review the results with everyone in real-time. 

Why customers might prefer using Evercast over Wipster:

The two biggest advantages of using Evercast over Wipster are its ability to stream the full editing workspace and the built-in video conferencing features. Instead of just making notes on an asset and waiting to see the results, Evercast allows each person to actively participate in the editing process, all while meeting “face-to-face” in a live, low-latency video conference. 


The flagship product for all your real-time collaboration needs starts at $849 per month for month-to-month plans, with discounted pricing starting at $549 per month for longer commitments. Special pricing packages are available for larger studios or teams.

Final word:

For creative teams that need more than just simple approvals and want to actively participate in the editing process, Evercast is a great option. Plus, the ability to stream live video conferencing within the program makes for a much more intimate and “live” feeling collaboration session

Create together remotely, in real time

Securely stream work sessions in up to 4K, video chat with your team, and collaborate live—all in one place.
Watch demo video has tailored its platform to specifically support the needs of video-based teams who need to send content to a variety of people for review, notes, and approval. 

Top features:

  • Frame-accurate comments on video review files
  • On-image annotations
  • Optional “camera-to-cloud” feature that allows direct upload of video files from the field
  • Popular creative app integrations

Use cases: has specifically positioned itself to meet the needs of video production studios that want to share "dailies" with interested parties, whether from the editing room or straight from the field. Its video-specific features like frame-specific notes are custom-built for video notation and approvals. 

Why customers might prefer using over Wipster:

While Wipster is a “jack-of-all-trades,” has specifically leaned on features designed to serve the needs of video-based creative teams, so video production companies might find themselves more at home using as opposed to Wipster. 


There is a basic free pricing model that allows up to two users to take advantage of’s basic features. Pro accounts start at $15 per user per month and include more advanced features and support.

Final word:

If you’re looking for a review platform that is designed with video producers at the forefront, may be the perfect alternative to Wipster for your creative team. 


Filestage is an all-in-one online proofing platform that allows creative teams to collaboratively review media such as documents, images, video, and audio, suggest changes, and sign off on final approvals. 

Top features:

  • Unlimited reviewers to review files
  • One-click approvals on assets
  • A project dashboard that shows what files are in review
  • Version tracking
  • Annotation tools

Use cases:

Definitely geared towards copy and content writers, GoProof’s features are heavily weighted towards document revisions and approvals with co-editing features and edit tracking software. 

Why customers might prefer using Filestage over Wipster:

Filestage and Wipster are quite similar, so this really comes down to the user interface. Some teams might find the organization and tools of Filestage more intuitive than Wipster, or vice versa. If you already like Wipster and may be looking to keep the majority of features but try a different user interface, definitely check out Filestage. 


Subscriptions start at $9 per seat per month for the basic package (aimed at freelancers working on one project at a time), with pro subscriptions starting at $19 per seat, per month ($99 per month total as there is a five seat minimum). 

Final word:

Filestage is a bit pricier than Wipster, but some creative teams may find it more intuitive to use. If it helps your team work faster and smarter, it may be worth the additional investment. 

ShotGrid (formerly ShotGun)

While ShotGrid (formerly known as ShotGun) was originally tailored as production management software for the film, TV, and video game industry, they do have an additional market that may surprise many people: automotive. With collaboration tools that are tailored towards car designers, ShotGrid stands out in the creative project management space. 

Top features:

  • Custom workspaces for film, tv, gaming, and automotive 
  • Project insights and reporting tools
  • Customizable workflows

Use cases:

Whether you’re working on the next blockbuster film or building a car that can tear around the block from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, ShotGrid keeps everything organized and keeps the work moving forward by making reviews, notes, and approvals easy no matter how big your team is. 

Why customers might prefer using ShotGrid over Wipster:

If there is one feature that Wipster cannot compare to, it's the customizable workspaces that not only feature workflows for tv, film, and gaming but automotive as well. 


Pricing plans start at $40 per month, with higher commitment packages available that will save you some cash. 

Final word:

ShotGrid has gone above and beyond to try to provide a proofing platform that keeps in mind the needs of each individual type of creative team and allows for customizable workflows that make it a good platform for teams that are rapidly scaling. 


Designed to make the workflow of creative agencies or in-house branding teams simple and straightforward, QuickReviewer is a feature-packed review and approval tool that's designed to keep large creative teams on-task. 

Top features:

  • Feature-packed review window that allows reviewers full control over commenting, playback, and much more. 
  • Easy approve/reject buttons
  • Organize projects by folder or campaign
  • Controlled access
  • Mobile-responsive so you can review or approve files from your mobile device (iOS and Android compatible)

Use cases:

For any teams creating large volumes of digital assets that need to be proofed, reviewed, edited, and approved, QuickReviewer provides an all-in-one platform to keep things organized and on track. 

Why customers might prefer using QuickReviewer over Wipster:

QuickReviewer offers greater control to reviewers to customize their review experience, from variable speed playback to comment searching. 


QuickReviewer offers a “Forever Free” plan for users on a budget who don’t need access to some of the more advanced features such as Creative Cloud integration and custom branding. Paid subscriptions start at $8 per month. 

Final word:

If you’re on a budget but need to keep your creative team working efficiently, QuickReviewer is an incredible platform because it doesn’t feel like “freeware.” The designers have packed it with features that make this budget option a serious contender. 

No matter what your audio needs are, there are tons of options to fit your needs and budget. Whether you stick with Wipster or try one of these alternatives, it’s all about finding the platform that allows your creativity to flow, keeps everyone on the same page, and gets projects done faster.

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