Evercast vs. Louper: A head-to-head comparison for 2024

Evercast and Louper are real-time video collaboration tools designed for creative professionals. These software suites provide 4K screen sharing, video conferencing, and annotation capabilities for seamless remote collaboration. 

While both tools offer robust collaboration features, there are some notable differences to consider when selecting the perfect suite for your project. 

In this comprehensive guide, we explore the benefits and potential pitfalls of Evercast and Louper, zooming in on the essential features of each tool. Before delving into a detailed comparison, this table offers a quick overview of both platforms:

Evercast Louper
Key features
  • - 4K streaming with 10-bit color precision
  • - Full-spectrum and surround sound audio support (5.1/7.1)
  • - Session recording capability
  • - Ultra-low latency (150ms global average)
  • - 24/7 white-glove support team
  • - End-to-end encrypted streaming and security approved by every major studio
  • - Apps for Google Chrome, macOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro
  • - 4K streaming with 8-bit color
  • - Stereo audio support
  • - Annotation and drawing tools
  • - Passphrase-protected sessions
  • - Web-based platform
Pricing Paid plans start at $549/month. Paid plans start at $39/month.
Unique advantages
  • - Records sessions and offers interactive playback with frame-accurate annotations
  • - Finish projects in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound
  • - Finalize color with 10-bit 4:4:4 color precision
  • - Studio-grade security protocol
  • - On-call 24/7 support
  • - Economical plans for creatives just starting out
  • - Accessible web-based platform for many users familiar with services like Zoom
Potential challenges - Higher price point
  • - Limited to stereo sound and 8-bit color
  • - No session recording functionality
  • - Potentially prone to more latency and security weaknesses as a browser-based platform
  • - Limited immediate support options
Final word Evercast is the top pick among all-in-one collaboration tools for creative professionals. Louper is a good choice for creatives who need additional functionality beyond a service like Zoom. Though it lacks several of Evercast’s key features, it comes at a lower price.

An overview of Evercast

Evercast is a software-only solution with an all-in-one suite of remote video collaboration tools. This studio-grade software delivers 4K video streaming with color precision, supports 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio, and offers in-sync audio/video notations with no lag. 

With an average global latency of 150ms, Evercast bridges the gap between in-studio collaboration and remote workflows for professional teams. Users can access sessions through Google Chrome or via dedicated apps for macOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro. 

Evercast sessions can be recorded, with video playback including frame-accurate annotations. A dedicated cyber defense team monitors the software round-the-clock, ensuring maximum security on high-level projects. Users also get 24/7 white-glove tech support.

Key features

  • All-in-one collaboration suite designed for creative professionals
  • 4K video streaming with up to 10-bit 4:4:4 color precision
  • 24/7 support and a dedicated security team 
  • Full-spectrum audio and surround sound support (5.1/7.1)
  • Ultra-low latency (average 150ms latency)
  • Intuitive annotation and drawing tools 
  • Record and playback sessions with frame-accurate annotations 


One of the more prominent drawbacks of Evercast is the higher price point. Louper may be more accessible to creatives just getting started or building across low-risk projects. However, while Evercast’s dependability and flexibility may cost more, it’s typically a better fit for creative teams who need high-quality collaboration they can count on. 

Like any other remote creative suite, including Louper, you also may need stream capture devices like an NDI or a Blackmagic device to maximize streaming quality. 

Notable customers

Evercast is the industry standard for real-time video collaboration in film, audio, advertising, and 3D industries. It’s used by creatives at every single major film studio, as well as top game developers and creative agencies. Our clients include Universal, Sony Pictures, Epic Games, Paramount, Peloton, Target, and Activision. Take a closer look at our client success stories on our case studies page here


Evercast’s pricing starts at $549/month for extended contracts, with month-to-month options available at $849/month. All Evercast sessions can support up to 20 participants simultaneously. Custom packages are available for Enterprise plans. 

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An overview of Louper

Louper is a browser-based platform that primarily facilitates remote collaboration for video professionals. It supports video conferencing, 4K streaming (with the help of tools like NDI or OBS), and drawing and note-taking tools for remote collaboration. 

You can use Louper with most workflows, though you are limited to 8-bit color and stereo sound. Louper is a notably affordable solution for filmmakers and creators at various stages in their respective careers. 

Key features

  • 4K streaming and video conferencing over your web browser
  • Frame-accurate annotation and drawing tools 
  • 8-bit color and stereo audio 
  • Compatible with any software 
  • Affordable price point


Louper is limited to web-based collaboration, which can present connectivity issues and a lack of accessibility for some team members. There are also fewer security features and no on-call support, which is critical meetings with studio executives, stakeholders, and high-pressure collaborations. 

Since Louper doesn’t support 10-bit color or surround sound audio, it’s not an all-in-one solution for guiding a project from conception to final cut. You also can’t record Louper sessions for future playback. Lastly, it’s important to note that Louper has session duration limits based on your plan tier, while Evercast does not. 

Notable customers

Louper users include media professionals primarily in the film, television, and video industries. The platform provides case studies for ColorNation and production company Doran Visual


Louper has several pricing tiers, each with its limits around session duration and the number of participants:

Monthly cost $0 $39 $99 Custom Pricing
Max participants per room 10 5 8 Up to 25
Max session duration 15 minutes 2 hours 8 hours 24 hours

A side-by-side comparison of Evercast and Louper

Now, let’s break down the primary differences between the two platforms. These distinguishing features can help determine the ideal software solution for you and your creative collaborators: 


  • Louper supports 8-bit 4:2:0 SDR streaming, and colorists may find Louper’s 8-bit color limitations restrictive.
  • Evercast delivers true color precision with HDR streaming in up to 10-bit 4:4:4 color. Thanks to its generous color support, you can use Evercast as a finishing tool.


  • Louper offers stereo playback within its sessions.
  • Evercast has a comprehensive audio playback suite, supplying stereo sound and 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound streaming. Evercast sessions also have advanced audio features, such as controlling the balance between stream and participant audio. Evercast is compatible with any DAW, and the recording and notation features ensure you can leave timestamped, frame-accurate notes at any point in the session.


  • Louper sessions can be passphrase-protected and watermarked for security purposes.
  • In addition to end-to-end encryption, watermarking, single sign-on, and other features, Evercast’s security protocol has approval from every major film studio. The suite earned the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Gold Shield from the Motion Picture Association for its commitment to content security.


  • Louper requires Google Chrome for the conferencing app alongside OBS for streaming. Setup is fairly simple, but the extra steps necessary to properly stream can increase the margin for error.
  • Evercast has a built-in streaming feature, so you won’t have to Frankenstein several apps together to stream your workflow or project files properly.


  • Louper is only available through a web browser, which can raise some concerns in terms of security. The browser-focused platform can also open the door to unstable connection and depend on your team’s internet connectivity.
  • Evercast offers access through Google Chrome or apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, Apple TV, and Apple Vision Pro. An Evercast session has ultra-low latency (<150ms globally), so you can recreate a true in-studio experience.


  • Louper offers an email support line alongside an active Discord server, though depending on these resources for on-call support may be risky.
  • Evercast provides a 24/7 white-glove support team that can assist at a moment’s notice via phone, email, or live chat. 


  • You can’t record Louper sessions, so all your team members must be present for successful collaboration. 
  • Evercast room owners can record sessions for future playback, which includes all annotations and notes created during the session.


  • Louper offers a lower price point that’s more reasonable for some creatives, though the pricing tiers come with limitations on time and the number of participants. 
  • Evercast comes at a higher price point than Louper, which may make it inaccessible to some creative professionals.


  • Louper is more affordable, and the browser-based platform may be more user-friendly for some team members. However, this browser accessibility could lead to a less stable connection. It’s also worth noting that Louper is a fairly new company and, while impressive, has not had as much testing in the field compared to the industry standard of Evercast.
  • Due to its dependability and flexibility, Evercast is ideal for critical review sessions, stakeholder meetings, and any stage in the production process. Evercast can accommodate your projects without sacrificing quality, and as a trusted partner of the Motion Picture Association, you can count on the suite to support you through any session. 

Ready for real collaboration?

Evercast and Louper both provide remote collaboration features, but Evercast stands out as the most robust pick for creative professionals, offering an authentic in-studio experience. Take Evercast for a test drive by booking a demo here

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