6 best tools for remote video streaming in 2024

"We'll do it live!" used to be the exception to carefully planned out, pre-shot content that was the norm in the days before the internet. Now, with high-speed internet no longer a luxury but instead a basic utility, streaming video has become one of the most in-demand forms of content. 

Streaming also doesn’t mean just one thing. For some, it means streaming a live feed of them beating the final boss in their favorite game. For others, it means being able to watch a live feed from an on-set camera as their next hit film is in production.

Whatever your video streaming needs, we've compiled some of the best tools on the market to help you stream video anywhere, from anywhere. 

The Best Tools for Remote Video Streaming


Evercast is a remote editing collaboration platform that allows creatives to collaborate in real-time on recording and editing sessions, all while live video chatting

Top features

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

Evercast has one of the most coveted forms of video streaming in the creative world. It allows live video streaming straight from on-set digital cinema cameras. This allows people on-set and off-set to receive a live camera feed and even video chat while watching the footage. 

Not only does this help keep production teams more in the loop, but it also allows for safer, more socially distanced sets. 


Our flagship product for all your real-time collaboration needs, starts at $549 per month. Special pricing packages are available for larger studios or teams.

Create together remotely, in real time

Securely stream work sessions in up to 4K, video chat with your team, and collaborate live—all in one place.
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Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio turns any iPad or iPhone into a live multi-camera control board that can stream professional-quality remote video to the most popular live-streaming applications. 

Top features:

  • Connect multiple video sources
  • Edit live using the Switcher Studio app for iOS
  • Invite remote guests to join the stream
  • Stream to nearly any popular platform

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

Switcher Studio is a game-changer for people who want to stream live video to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. It takes the experience of streaming from an iOS device and kicks it up to the pro level by allowing you to live edit, use multiple cameras, and even include pre-recorded graphics and video. 


Subscriptions start at $45 per month, with annual plans available at a reduced rate. 


Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a free, open-source software platform designed for video recording and live streaming. 

Top features:

  • Works on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Allows real-time video/audio capturing and mixing
  • Allows for nearly unlimited custom configurations
  • Works with most popular streaming platforms

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

This open-source software is perfect for streaming to live streaming platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live. It allows you to input video from multiple sources and customize the look of your video feed to your viewers to your heart's content. 

It's also great for people who are just getting started with streaming and don't want to incur a hefty subscription fee to get started. 




Tailored specifically towards Twitch streamers, Streamlabs labels itself an all-in-one video streaming platform that is designed to help "streamers" get up and running with a professional-looking feed that can stream to multiple platforms. 

Top features:

  • Layout editor
  • Selective recording
  • Replay buffer
  • Game overlay
  • Custom apps and widgets

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

Streamlabs is a platform that has been designed largely for the needs of video game streamers who stream to Twitch, but can also be used by YouTubers and Facebook Live/Instagram Live streams as well. 


Free, with paid upgrades available. 


Restream is a live video streaming application that places its focus on video talk show hosts and podcasters who want to increase their audience reach by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously without multiplying their effort. 

Top features:

  • Go live from your browser instead of downloading software
  • Custom branding
  • Include up to 10 remote guests
  • Monitor live chat
  • Record and share streams after they’re complete

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

Restream is great for people who want to host a live talk show or podcast and broadcast it to all their social media at once. It can stream to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, all while recording the stream to be later shared to additional social media or websites. 


Free for basic features that will allow you to get a feel for the platform. Full-feature accounts start at $16 per month for “Standard” or $41 per month for the professional package. 


Switchboard is another streaming platform that places a high priority on features that allow video streamers to reach a wider audience by sharing their stream to every platform they might find a viewer. 

Top features:

  • Embed player that allows you to embed a live stream on your website
  • Unlimited multi-platform streams
  • Stream sharing 
  • Guest accounts

Type of video streaming it’s best suited for:

Switchboard has angled itself towards more corporate environments, with tutorials aimed at helping houses of worship, sports & media organizations, and non-profits stream live video that helps them to further their cause and build support for their work. 

They also offer unlimited access to their support team so that even the most novice video streamers can take advantage of the platform. 


Starts at $35 per month for the basic package. 

Video streaming is here to stay, but thankfully it no longer requires clunky, expensive equipment to "go live." All you need is a smartphone, a laptop, and one or more of these programs to create a polished, professional live stream that can reach people across the globe. 

Whether you're looking to inform, entertain, or simply stay connected with remote team members, these tools will help you become the live streaming pro you didn't know you could be. 

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