Comparing Audiomovers vs. Source-Connect for audio collaboration

Audiomovers and Source-Connect make it easy for musicians, podcasters, and audio professionals to create art from any location. While both are suitable solutions for remote recording and editing audio, each software suite has its own set of strengths. 

We decided to put these audio transmission tools to the test. 

In this guide, we compare these real-time transmission tools so you can find the right solution for your audio production process. We dive into the key differences between the two platforms and share the standout features of each. 

What do Audiomovers and Source-Connect do?

Source-Connect and Audiomovers are both used to transmit or broadcast high-quality audio for remote collaboration. They help keep teams in sync while recording, editing, or working through a project together. 

Widespread remote collaboration tools like Zoom can be insufficient for audio engineers, musicians, and voice actors because these platforms heavily compress audio to reduce lag. In contrast, Audiomovers and Source-Connect preserve audio quality, giving you a clear transmission from a digital audio workstation. 

Key differences between Audiomovers and Source-Connect

Audiomovers and Source-Connect are similar in what they accomplish but travel different routes to achieve remote audio collaboration. 

Source-Connect transmits audio utilizing a User Datagram Protocol (UPD) with custom codecs to preserve audio quality and limit latency. 

Audiomovers is a web-based platform that streams HD audio over the internet. 

While built for low-latency audio, Audiomovers’ potential internet connectivity issues could affect the transmission times between the sound source and the receiver. However, it requires no installation on the guest’s part, making Audiomovers particularly convenient for lessons and low-stake sessions. It’s a great tool for audio education purposes and certain levels of remote recording. 

Source-Connect comes at a higher price point but offers a whole suite of features, such as multitrack transmission, surround sound monitoring, and more. It can also integrate with software like Evercast and ISDN for additional flexibility. 

Notably, Source-Connect offers VPN mode, which is essential for any high-profile or sensitive projects on the Pro X plan. However, both parties need to have Source-Connect installed to transmit audio successfully. 

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Audiomovers and Source-Connect compared 

Choosing between Audiomovers and Source-Connect depends heavily on your needs as an engineer. Here are some choice characteristics to help guide you toward the right software for your remote studio. 

Ease of use

Winner: Audiomovers 

Why: Audiomovers does not require guests to install software; they can listen by phone or web browser. However, streaming across several internet browsers can come with latency issues you may not experience with Source-Connect. 

Audio quality 

Winner: Source-Connect 

Why: Source-Connect offers a wide range of audio formats, streaming low-latency, quality audio for musicians, engineers, voice actors, and more. Source-Connect’s plans include a special ADR mode for recording and can also capture specialized audio like 5.1/7.1 surround sound on the Pro X plan. 


Winner: Source-Connect 

Why: Audiomovers may be cheaper at $16.67/month. However, for $35/month plus a one-time installation fee of $75, Source-Connect gives you plenty of additional features like ISDN bridging, multi-channel streaming, and session encryption. Source-Connect is the clear choice for multifaceted audio engineers and studios. 

Who is Audiomovers best suited for?

Audiomovers is best for independent musicians, producers, and actors who need high-quality audio streamed from their DAW or other workspace. This software is built for convenience, allowing guests to listen in from the internet browser of their choice with no installation required. 

This web-based platform is also great for hosting lessons, webinars, or other sessions that require high-quality audio without needing the extra bells and whistles of a product like Source-Connect. 

With the monthly subscription model, you can opt to toggle your subscription on or off based on your current remote collaboration needs. 

Who is Source-Connect suited for?

Source-Connect is best for professional studios, independent producers, actors, and engineers. This software provides high-quality audio on an encrypted, secure connection. It bridges seamlessly with software like Evercast and ISDN and offers multiple connections from a single source. 

It’s worth noting that Source-Connect also offers a perpetual license; Audiomovers does not. So, it may be a sound investment for a studio to purchase Source-Connect’s software upfront rather than opting for a subscription model. 

Source-Connect’s VPN mode is essential for any studio with sensitive information. It may cost a bit more than Audiomovers, but that charge factors in necessary security parameters and audio flexibility, which can expand your remote offerings as a studio. 

Another tool for effective collaboration 

Audiomovers and Source-Connect provide plenty of flexibility for transmitting audio, but what if you need to share assets or a live video feed? 

You may try to compensate with Zoom or Skype, but these popular video conferencing tools often lack optimization for low-latency streaming. The lag between your video feed and audio grows, creating a significant creative block throughout your session. 

Evercast is a remote collaboration platform designed for audio and video professionals or studios. Our software provides low-latency HD video, screen sharing, and live note-taking so you can work effectively and efficiently with your team members. You simply need a Wi-Fi connection to hop in on a working session. 

Everyone in your Evercast session hears and sees the workspace in real time. You can record collaboration sessions and make live timestamped notes tied to specific moments, saving you time in post-production. 

Evercast pairs effortlessly with Source-Connect for ADR and other ues to streamline your workflow. With the power of these two tools, you can create an in-studio experience from anywhere through your computer. 

Should I choose Audiomovers or Source-Connect?

Deciding between Audiomovers and Source-Connect depends heavily on your individual needs. 

If you’re looking for a simple solution to stream HD audio from one source DAW to another collaborator via the internet, Audiomovers may suffice. The convenient plugin and interface make this audio transmission especially easy to set up. 

However, it’s worth upgrading to Source-Connect if you need more flexibility or want to record multiple channels for a specific use case, like ADR or surround sound. Source-Connect provides more customization for streaming your sound and pairs seamlessly with several collaboration software tools. That makes it an ideal choice for any full-time audio professional. 

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