10 awesome DaVinci Resolve templates for your next project

DaVinci Resolve was once thought of as only a professional color-correction platform. However, DaVinci Resolve decided that wasn’t enough and has since expanded the platform to become an all-in-one video editing platform serving everyone from feature film editors to YouTubers.

While the software has added tons of new features that allow you to edit video, adjust color, add graphics, and much more, one thing that makes DaVinci Resolve even more versatile is its ability to accept plugins and templates for new features and tools. 

In this guide, we’ll go over some of our favorite DaVinci Resolve templates for transitions, graphics, and much more to enhance your video production workflow. 

What can you use DaVinci Resolve templates for?

DaVinci Resolve templates are perfect for adding stylized transitions, graphics, text effects, and much more without the hassle of learning how to create these elements from scratch. 

They are a huge timesaver, and with tens of thousands of both paid and free DaVinci Resolve templates currently available, chances are there’s one to fit almost any idea or project. 

Our top 10 favorite DaVinci Resolve templates

Most of the best templates for DaVinci Resolve are available through subscriptions to either Motion Array or Envato Elements. These subscription services allow unlimited downloads for one monthly or yearly fee. 

For Envato, membership is either $33 per month on a monthly plan or $198 per year for an annual plan (a 50% savings over month-to-month).

Motion Array has a free plan that allows you access to a limited library of free assets, but to get the most out of the marketplace, you can purchase a subscription for either $29.99 per month or $249.99 per year. 

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite templates for DaVinci Resolve:

#1: Colorful Titles

Price: Included in Envato membership

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If you edit videos for YouTube or digital advertising, this pack of colorful title templates makes adding eye-catching titles a cinch. They’re the perfect intersection of minimalism and pop art, making them ideal for content you want to have a modern but fun edge. 

#2: Liquid Transition

Price: Included in Motion Array membership

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Liquid transitions are a favorite of ours, and without a template, they can be a huge pain to achieve. Thankfully, with this transition preset, you can add the wavy, dynamic transition to any DaVinci Resolve project in just a few clicks. Perfect for travel, sports, and food content, this modern transition adds a little extra “oomph” to your edits. 

#3: Instagram Stories Pack

Price: Included in Envato membership

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One of the biggest shake ups in the world of digital video editing has been the industry shift towards vertical video formats. This has been a considerable pain for many editors, as most presets are designed for traditional horizontal video formats. 

We love this template pack because it’s optimized for vertical video, making it perfect for editors who edit content for Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. 

#4: Light Leaks

Price: Included in Motion Array membership

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We’re suckers for a good light leak, and this template from Motion Array is full of the sharpest, sexiest light leaks that DaVinci Resolve can render. You can download over 20 different templates that are fully customizable and feature a “drag and drop” simplicity that makes adding effects a breeze.

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#5: 3D Photo Converter

Price: Included in Motion Array membership

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Get ready to completely rethink your slideshow game with this unique and powerful template. This template turns any still image into 3D animation, allowing you to create immersive graphic experiences with nearly zero animation expertise. If you make videos that include photo slideshows or lots of still graphics, you need this template to add massive production value to your projects instantly. 

#6: Text Message Kit

Price: Included in Motion Array membership

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Including text message motion graphics on-screen has been a huge dilemma for editors ever since texting became one of our main forms of communication. We love this template because it offers a sleek, simple solution to adding text message graphics in different fonts to any media. This is perfect for films, tv shows, and commercials and is honestly an essential graphic to have in your effects library. 

#7: Multiscreen Frames

Price: Included in Motion Array membership

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This is one of the video templates that is just endlessly versatile. This template allows you to create a wide variety of split-screen effects. It’s perfect for everything from wedding videos to professional commercials, and its simple frame effect goes with pretty much any aesthetic.  

#8: Seamless Transition Pack

Price: Included in Envato membership

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This seamless transition pack feels less like a specialty motion graphics templates pack and more like an extension of DaVinci Resolve. It includes a ton of transition templates that are designed to give a polished feel to pretty much any project. If you want a versatile transition pack that can work for anything from animated films to corporate training videos, this is that pack. 

#9: Full-Screen Titles

Price: Included in Envato membership

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Want to make full-screen title cards without diving into Photoshop? Then this template pack is perfect for you. It includes a variety of full-screen title templates that you can customize for any project. This is especially great for streamers and YouTubers who want a super quick way to title cap their videos, or add simple intros and outros. 

#10: Motion Graphic Pack for Davinci Resolve

Price: $49

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Want to go all-in on a template pack that has it all? This motion graphic pack is our top pick for people that want a bundle of transition templates, graphic elements, and visual effects. With over 1220 elements, there’s literally something for everyone in this affordably-priced bundle. 

Final thoughts

This guide barely scratches the surface of the ocean of paid and free templates available to help you speed up your next video project inside of DaVinci Resolve. No matter what kind of aesthetic or element you’re looking for, chances are, there’s a template to fit your needs.  

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